Banana Cream Pie THC Vape Pen (1.1ml)

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Experience the delightful fusion of dessert and relaxation with our Banana Cream Pie THC Vape Pen. Pre-loaded with 1.1ml of premium THC oil, this vape pen offers the sumptuous taste of a classic banana cream pie, making each puff a delectably smooth and creamy escape.



1100 mg

Total Puffs: 600

Dose Per Puff: 1.83mg THC

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Indulge in Creamy Goodness: Banana Cream Pie THC Vape Pen (1.1ml)


Key Features:

  • Rich Banana Cream Pie Flavor: Each draw delivers the lush, comforting flavors of ripe bananas and sweet, velvety cream, perfectly mimicking the beloved dessert.
  • Sleek and Convenient Design: Designed for both discretion and ease of use, the Banana Cream Pie THC Vape Pen is ideal for on-the-go use, allowing you to enjoy a gourmet vaping experience anywhere, anytime.
  • Premium THC Oil for a Smooth Experience: Filled with 1.1ml of high-quality THC oil, the pen ensures a consistent and satisfying draw, providing a smooth and potent vaping journey.
  • Ready to Use with No Hassle: This vape pen comes fully charged and ready to use right out of the box. It requires no refilling or recharging, offering a hassle-free way to enjoy THC.
  • Ideal for Dessert Lovers and THC Enthusiasts: Whether you’re a fan of sweet flavors or looking for a delightful way to consume THC, this vape pen is a perfect choice.

Ideal For:

  • Users seeking a dessert-inspired vaping experience
  • Those who prefer the convenience and ease of a pre-filled vape pen
  • Vapers looking for a unique, creamy flavor profile
  • Anyone in search of a discreet way to enjoy THC


  • Contains one Banana Cream Pie THC Vape Pen pre-filled with 1.1ml of THC oil



1100 mg

Total Puffs: 600

Dose Per Puff: 1.83mg THC

Ingredients: Delta-9 THC Distillate, Propylene Glycol, Flavouring.

Active Ingredients: Delta-9 THC Distillate

Directions: First time users start with one puff.  Wait 20 min for full effect before deciding to increase dosage.

Storage: For best results and long term holding, keep in dry cool place and away from sunlight.

WARNING: Contains Cannabis. Keep away from children and pets



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